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A breakdown of Valorant's first premier tournament: The 100 Thieves Invitational.

Image Source: 100 Thieves' Twitter Account

On the 10th April 2020, 100 Thieves announced that it would be kicking off the esports scene for Riot Games’ new tactical FPS “Valorant” by hosting their own eponymous tournament featuring famous esports figures from around the world. Airing on the 14th April 2020 at 10 AM PT (18:00 GMT and 13:00 ET), the tournament gave the world its first look into Valorant’s esports potential.

The tournament was casted by Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez, a professional esports commentator for games such as Call of Duty, Halo and Overwatch. Joining him was Rivington “Rivingtonthe3rd” Bisland III, a shoutcaster at Riot Games currently covering the LCS.

Every team was clearly running and gunning for victory and recruited content creators, former and current FPS pros and aspiring Valorant players to help them hoist the coveted trophy.

Without further ado, these are your 100 Thieves Invitational Teams...

Team Shroud






Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is looking to lead his team of CounterStrike: Global Offensive legends to victory. Shroud is mostly recently known for his streaming career, including his famous move to Mixer. During this time, he has displayed incredible natural aim across a variety of games including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite and Apex Legends. Prior to his streaming days Shroud was a CS:GO professional player for teams such as Cloud9 and compLexity. Shroud will be looking to show Valorant fans that he truly is one of the world’s best natural aimers.

Image Source: Dotesports.com

Joining Shroud is none other than Keven “AZK” Larivière, a currently retired CS:GO and Counterstrike: Source player. AZK has played CS:GO at a professional level for teams such as iBUYPOWER and Team Curse as well as briefly converting to professional Overwatch. AZK is currently banned from Valve events and hopefully can use this tournament to explode into the Valorant esports scene.

When considering possible teammates Shroud looked no further than former Cloud9 teammate, Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham. Skadoodle has played professional CS:GO for both iBUYPOWER and Cloud9, having worked closely with Shroud during their time together on Cloud9. Skadoodle’s career highlight has to be winning the ELEAGUE Boston Major in 2018. Although now retired from CS:GO, Skadoodle is looking to show exactly what a North American Major winner can do.

You may be sensing a theme with this team; Shroud clearly was looking for renowned aimers with copious amounts of natural skill. This explains the decision to introduce Braxton “Brax” Pierce to the team. Formerly known as “Swag”, Brax is a retired professional CS:GO player known for his time on compLexity Gaming and iBUYPOWER. Brax, like AZK is currently banned from Valve endorsed events and has recently signed with T1 as a pro player and content creator for Valorant. This tournament will be Brax’s chance to show the doubters that he can use his raw talent to become one of Valorant’s top professional players.

Rounding out Shroud’s team is Spencer “Hiko” Martin, a professional CS:GO player. Shroud clearly believes in the skill of former Cloud9 players. Hiko has played not only for Cloud9 but also Team Liquid, Rogue and iBUYPOWER. Hiko has a storied career across CounterStrike and is looking to show the young talent in this tournament that sometimes, experience trumps all.

Shroud’s team is looking to show everyone that CS:GO truly is the king of the FPS genre. Will these 5 seasoned CS:GO veterans claim the 100 Thieves Invitational victory?

Team TimTheTatMan






Captaining our second team is Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar, a prolific streamer and internet personality. Sporting an incredible 4 million Twitch followers, TimTheTatman has shown proficiency across a variety of FPS titles from CS:GO to Fortnite to Overwatch. One thing is for certain, TimTheTatman will bring enthusiasm, skill and a whole lot of entertainment to this tournament.

Image Source: Dotesports.com

TimTheTatman has recruited Erik “fl0m” Flom to help him place first in the 100 Thieves Invitational. Fl0m is a CS:GO pro currently playing for Mythic as their ‘AWPer.’ Having played for teams such as Luminosity Gaming, fl0m will likely be looking to get his hands on Valorant’s take on the AWP; ‘the Operator’ and show everyone just what a professional sniper player can do.

Lucas “Mendo” Håkansson is an Apex Legend player for Team Liquid. His dominant performance in the showmatch at TwitchCon San Diego, where he placed 2nd, helped him find his way onto TimTheTatMan’s team. He has also played competitive overwatch for Cloud9 and the Houston Outlaws, as well as also playing CS:GO professionally. A true FPS jack of all trades, Mendo is a valuable acquisition to the team.

TimTheTatman has also enlisted the help of Brandon “Aceu” Winn, a current Apex Legends player for NRG Esports. Aceu placed 1st in the showmatch at TwitchCon San Diego and formerly played CS:GO for teams such as Rise Nation and eUnited. Anyone familiar with the Valorant subreddit will have seen Aceu’s Jett highlights; expect it to be a pivotal pick for him going into the tournament.

TimTheTatman has ‘poached’ Jake “Poach” Brumleve, a fortnite player for Team Liquid, to round out his roster. Having earned over $300,000 in tournaments across his career, Poach is no stranger to competitive FPS tournaments.

TeamTimTheTatman is bringing expertise from several major FPS titles, will they be able to use their collective experience to bring home the victory?

Team Yassuo






Looking to take home the title is none other than Moe “Yassuo” Abdalrhman, a content creator and streamer for 100 Thieves. Yassuo is widely known for maining Yasuo in League of Legends, having reached Masters in Korea, Rank 1 on the OCE server and Challenger across several seasons in North America. Yassuo shows immense proficiency on one of League of Legend’s most mechanical champions. Fans of LOL will be eager to see if a high mechanical ceiling in LOL can translate to success in Valorant.

Image Source: Yassuo's Twitter

M0xy is an Overwatch player and streamer, also dabbling in games such as Apex Legends. His understanding of multiple FPS games will be of value to Yassuo’s team.

As a last-minute replacement, Yassuo called on Zach “Zach” Mazer, an Apex Legends pro for Flyquest to replace Félix “xQc” Lengyel. With such big shoes to fill, will Zach rise to the challenge and help the team pick up some wins?

Yassuo set his sights on playing with Mac “Albralelie” Kenzie Beckwith, an Apex Legend player for Team SoloMid. Having obtained multiple 1st place finishes, including the showmatch at TwitchCon San Diego and the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational, Albralelie is bringing a wealth of FPS experience to Yassuo’s team.

The final key component of Yassuo’s team is iiTzTimmy, an Apex Legend pro currently playing for Golden Guardians.

Can Yassuo show the world that MOBA players cannot be counted out in the race for the 100 Thieves Invitational trophy?

Team CouRage






The courageous leader of team 3 is the definitely 6-foot 5 legend, Jack “CouRage” Dunlop. A full-time streamer and content creator for 100 Thieves, CouRage will be looking to take home the top spot in his own organisation’s tournament. Will he be able to use his background in Call of Duty hosting and Fortnite to propel his team to victory?

Image Source: Esportspedia.com

There is nothing CouRage won’t do to win this tournament, including bringing in Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert to kickstart his roster. A former CS:GO and Counterstrike 1.6 pro, n0thing has played for teams such as Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses and most recently stood in for compLexity at IEM Katowice 2019. N0thing will be motivated to take down his former Cloud9 teammates in Shroud and Skadoodle.

CouRage truly believes that North American CS:GO pros are the way to win this tournament. Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan is bringing his CS:GO aim to Valorant. Having recently played for compLexity and Optic Gaming, ShahZam is a solid pickup for CouRage’s roster.

If CouRage’s team wasn’t sick enough, it sure is now. Hunter “SicK” Mims is a CS:GO pro for Chaos Esports Club, having also played in the past for compLexity.

The final pickup to round out the roster is Austin “crashies” Roberts, a CS:GO pro currently playing for the ever amusingly named, Bad News Bears.

CouRage is looking to stay true to his 100 Thieves origins and pull off the ultimate heist by making off with the 100 Thieves Invitational trophy.

Team Nadeshot






Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag simply cannot lose this tournament. As co-founder and owner of 100 Thieves, Nadeshot is doing everything he can to take home the tournament win and keep the trophy within his organisation. Nadeshot has reprised his role as a captain, having formerly captained OpTic Gaming’s Call of Duty roster in 2014. He is a Major League X Games 2014 gold medallist and 2011 Call of Duty XP World Champion. Winning comes easy to Nadeshot, having won best esports player at the Game Awards in 2014. Will winning the 100 Thieves Invitational come as easy?

Image Source: 100 Thieves' YouTube Channel.

Nadeshot clearly believes in his organisation’s potential. His team is comprised of four of the five current players on the 100 Thieves Roster for CS:GO. Justin “jks” Savage truly is a savage within the CS:GO world, having played for Renegades and currently playing for 100 Thieves. It must be hard to refuse an invitation to play when the man asking is your boss.

Rounding out the roster is Joakim “jkaem” Myrbostad, Sean “Gratisfaction” Kaiwai and Aaron “AZR” Ward.

If there is one word used to describe this roster- its synergy. Having played together on Renegades and 100 Thieves this band of thieves is looking to show Valorant fans that teamwork truly makes the dream work.

Team Summit1g






Reaching the summit of the 100 Thieves Invitational takes teamwork, aim and raw FPS talent. Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar’s team has all this and more. Summit1g is no slouch within the FPS world. The retired CS:GO pro, turned variety streamer has played a variety of FPS games, from Escape from Tarkov to H1Z1 to PUBG.

Summit1g has procured the services of FPS ‘gun for hire’ player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. The former Cloud9 CS:GO player and content creator turned Valorant streamer is bringing his A game to this tournament and one thing is for sure, his A game is a perfect ten.

To be a world class Valorant player, you need nerves of steel. Joshua “steel” Nissan the current in-game leader for Chaos Esports Club’s CS:GO team, and former competitive Overwatch player for Splyce is looking to bring cool, level-headed experience to Summit1g’s team.

“Wait Shroud has a Major winning CS:GO pro on his roster? No fair! I want one” said Summit1g most likely. Jake “Stewie2K” Yip is a professional CS:GO player for Team Liquid and was a pivotal part of Team Liquid’s 2019 golden year. He brings the experience of winning at the ELEAGUE 2018 Boston Major to the table.

The finishing touch to Summit1g’s roster is Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski. This CS:GO pro player for Team Liquid is no stranger to winning tournaments. In 2019, Team Liquid had the year of a lifetime snagging 8 consecutive first place finishes in tier 1 CS:GO tournaments. EliGE is the fire power needed on top of an already stellar roster. Can Summit1g’s team climb all the way to the top?

Team Ninja






Tyler “Ninja” Blevins needs no introduction. Anyone familiar with esports will have heard of this prolific streamer and will know that FPS games come naturally to the former competitive Halo 3 player turned Fortnite streamer. Ninja’s building skills appear to have transferred to this tournament as he has constructed a stellar roster consisting primarily of current and former Overwatch pros.

Image Source: Wired.com

David “Minish” Modisette, a former Overwatch pro player is the first acquisition by Ninja.

Patrik “Lefaa” Mike an Overwatch player for Underwater Squad will also be bringing his firepower to Team Ninja.

Zac “Waifu” Matson will also play for the team, having played professional Overwatch as main tank for Bye Week.

Rounding out the roster is Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre, a well-known streamer specialising in playing DPS at a high level in Overwatch.

Team Dr Disrespect

Although invited, Dr Disrespect did not field a roster for this tournament and as a result forfeited all matches.

The Format

The tournament itself is comprised of two segments. The first segment is a single round robin group phase, consisting of two groups of four teams. The second segment commences once everyone in their group has played each other once.

In Group A we have Team TimTheTatMan, Team CouRage, Team Shroud and Team Ninja.

In Group B we have Team Summit1g, Team Nadeshot, Team Yassuo and Team Dr Disrespect.

The second segment will comprise of the top two teams from Group A and Group B competing in a single elimination bracket. The first seed from Group A will play the first seed from Group B, with the second seed from Group A playing the second seed from Group B.

All the matches in the group stage and semi-finals will be a best of one, with the finals being a best of three

Each team will play three maps during the group stage: Bind, Haven and Split.

Image Source: 100 Thieves' Twitter

Key Games From The Group Stage

Team TimtheTatman vs Team Shroud on Bind

Picks for TeamTimTheTatMan

  • TimtheTatman- Raze

  • Mendo- Sage

  • Aceu- Jett

  • Poach- Brimstone

  • Fl0m- Cypher

Picks for Team Shroud

  • Shroud- Sage

  • Skadoodle- Sova

  • Hiko- Breach

  • Brax- Cypher

  • AZK- Phoenix

Team TimtheTatman won the match 13-11.

In what was perceived as the first true upset of the tournament, Team TimTheTatman narrowly beat out Team Shroud 13-11 in a fantastic comeback from TimTheTatman’s team.

The game featured a gorgeous 3 vs 1 clutch from Shroud on Sage to defuse the spike in the 8th round.

The star of this match has to go to Aceu who went an impressive 24-16-3 on Jett. He showed off true proficiency with Jett’s kit to claim an impressive triple kill in the 18th round, balancing fantastic Operator play with Jett’s ultimate to close out the round.

Team Nadeshot vs Team Summit1g on Bind

Picks for Team Nadeshot

  • Nadeshot- Omen

  • Gratisfaction- Cypher

  • AZR- Sage

  • jks- Brimstone

  • jkaem- Phoenix

Picks for Team Summit1g

  • Summit1g- Brimstone

  • Stewie2k- Phoenix

  • TenZ- Sage

  • steel- Breach

  • EliGE- Cypher

Team Summit1g wins the match 13-6.

This game featured a convincing win from Summit1G’s team. Cypher once again continues to feature on both teams , demonstrating just how strong this pick can be when wielded correctly.

The highlight of this game was a fantastic collateral shot through the box from Steel on Cypher to win the 16th round.

Team Shroud vs Team CouRage

Picks for Team CouRage

  • CouRage- Jett

  • n0thing- Brimstone

  • ShaHzam- Sage

  • sicK- Phoenix

  • crashies- Cypher

Picks for Team Shroud

  • Shroud- Jett

  • Skadoodle- Brimstone

  • Hiko- Breach

  • Brax- Cypher

  • AZK- Sage

Team Shroud wins the match 13-4

Sage, Brimstone and Cypher continue to dominate the team compositions, with Brax showing just how oppressive Cypher’s lockdown of a spike-site can be.

Team Yassuo vs Team Nadeshot

Picks for Team Yassuo

  • Yassuo- Phoenix

  • itzTimmy- Jett

  • Airbralelie- Cypher

  • Moxy- Raze

  • Zach- Sage

Picks for Tam Nadeshot

  • Nadeshot- Brimstone

  • JKAEM- Phoenix

  • AZR- Raze

  • Gratisfaction- Sage

  • JKS- Jett

Team Nadeshot wins 13-4.

The 100 Thieves CS:GO core showed impressive synergy as they convincingly beat Team Yassuo. Nadeshot also demonstrated innovative usage of Brimstone’s utility options and showed why he is looking like a must pick agent.

Group Stage Conclusion

With the group stage concluding, Team Shroud clinched the first seed for Group A, with Team TimTheTatman taking the second seed.

In Group B, Team Summit1g convincingly dominated the group going 3-0 to take the first-place spot. Joining him as the second seed was Team Nadeshot.

The semi-finals were set with Team Summit1g facing Team Shroud and Team Nadeshot taking on Team TimTheTatman

Image Source: 100 Thieves' Twitter

The Semi-Finals: Match 1

The first semi-final kicked off with Team TimTheTatman battling it out versus Team Nadeshot on Bind.

Picks for Team Nadeshot

  • Nadeshot-Brimstone

  • jks- Jett

  • jkaem- Phoenix

  • AZR- Raze

  • Gratisfaction- Sage

Pick for Team TimTheTatMan

  • TimTheTatman- Raze

  • Fl0m- Cypher

  • Mendo- Sage

  • Aceu- Jett

  • Poach- Brimstone

This was a nail bitingly close game with Team TimTheTatman edging out Team Nadeshot to win the match 13-11.

The game featured a fantastic pistol ace from Mendo in Round 14 to kick off the second half.

Round 19 featured a fantastic clutch from Nadeshot including a stunning double kill using Brimstone’s Incendiary ability to turn around the round.

With Team TimTheTatman snatching a victory from the jaws of defeat, they moved on to face the winner of Team Summit1g vs Team Shroud

The Semi-Finals: Match 2

The second semi-finals match up was between Team Summit1g and Team Shroud and was also held on Bind.

Picks for Team Summit1g

  • Summit1G- Brimstone

  • Steel- Breach

  • TenZ- Sage

  • EliGE- Cypher

  • Stewie2k- Phoenix

Picks for Team Shroud

  • Shroud- Jett

  • Brax- Cypher

  • Skadoodle- Brimstone

  • AZK- Sage

  • Niko- Breach

Team Shroud closed out the match 13-10 following a dominating 23-14-2 performance from Skadoodle.

Once again, Cypher was a pivotal pick with both EliGE and Brax putting up fantastic numbers and utilising Cypher’s intel gathering abilities to maximum effect.

Stewie2K brought out the Phoenix pick but was unable to translate the aggressive playstyle of Phoenix into a victory.

Team Shroud moves on to face Team TimTheTatman in the finals.

The Finals: Game 1

Image Source: 100 Thieves' Twitter

Game 1 of the final between Team Shroud and Team TimTheTatMan was played on Haven.

Picks for Team Shroud

  • Shroud- Cypher

  • Brax- Omen

  • Skadoodle- Brimstone

  • AZK-Sage

  • Hiko- Breach

Picks for Team TimTheTatMan

  • TimTheTatman- Raze

  • Mendo- Sage

  • Poach- Breach

  • Aceu- Jett

  • Fl0m- Cypher

Team Shroud convincingly wins the match 13-5.

This game featured Brax off of his signature Cypher pick instead opting to play Omen; an agent not as heavily prioritised this tournament. Despite this, Brax racked up an impressing 20-14-2 score to top the scoreboard. Omen’s mobility on his Ultimate ‘From the Shadows’ and ‘Shrouded Step’ basic ability showed that he can work fantastically as a situational pick with the right coordination. Likewise, Omen’s signature ability- ‘Dark Cover’ brings fantastic utility to any team composition because of its semi-global range.

AZK once again opted into the Sage pick and used Sage’s signature ability ‘Healing Orb’ to continually keep him and his team’s health topped up resulting in him going 18-9-6.

The Finals: Game 2

This match was played on Split.

Picks for Team Shroud

  • Shroud- Jett

  • Brax- Cypher

  • Skadoodle- Brimstone

  • Hiko- Breach

  • AZK- Sage

Picks for Team TimTheTatMan

  • TimTheTatman- Raze

  • Mendo- Sage

  • Poach- Brimstone

  • Aceu- Phoenix

  • Fl0m- Cypher

Team Shroud smashes the final match 13-5 and wins the series 2-0.

A mind-blowing clutch and ace from AZK closed out the final round of the tournament to bring home the tournament victory for Team Shroud. This is a must-watch highlight as the patience, reflexes and aim control exhibited by AZK was a true sight to behold

AZK stamped his mark all over this game going 21-12-14. Brax followed closely behind on his signature Cypher pick. Despite his team being beaten rather handily, Aceu still put up a commendable performance on Phoenix going 16-18-3.

A well-deserved congratulations goes out to Team Shroud for winning the 100 Thieves Invitational. Pegged by many as the favourites going in, they kept their composure, especially following the game one upset vs Team TimTheTatman. The team showed why they were perceived by fans as the winners-to-be. In this tournament, CS:GO rained supreme as this bunch of Counterstrike legends dominated the tournament, dropping only 1 map throughout.

Image Source: 100 Thieves' Twitter

The Tournament Stars

Most Valuable Player

The standout of the tournament has to be Brax, who topped the scoreboard in almost every single one of his games. Given the level of talent on his team, this is no small feat. Going into the tournament, fans were interested to see if Brax’s raw talent in CS:GO would translate to Valorant- and translate it did.

Aim aside, Brax showed incredible map awareness and composure throughout as well as a deep understanding of the nuances of Cypher’s kit. Brax showed he is no one trick and also debuted more unconventional pick in the Omen. The person who decided to sign Brax to T1 will be beaming at the results of this tournament. Keep an eye on him because Brax is coming for the title of best Valorant player.

Image Source: Invenglobal.com

Honourable mentions

Upon the announcement of Sage as an agent, many were intrigued how a healer would fit within the dynamic of a tactical FPS like Valorant. AZK showed everyone that a supportive character can absolutely carry games as he dominated on this pick across the tournament. A talented Sage can utilise her heal to create opportunities for her team. AZK showed that this pick is not just a utility device and can do the heavy lifting when needed. AZK racked up incredible numbers on Sage and finished off the tournament with a fantastic ace to clutch the tournament win.

Image Source: Liquipedia.net

The final honourable mention has to go to Aceu for his jaw-dropping Jett play. This agent’s unrivalled mobility gives her an incredibly high mechanical skill ceiling and Aceu was able to use her kit to consistently take over games. Given how Valorant has only been out for just over a week, this makes Aceu’s mastery of Jett all the more impressive. Aceu is the type of player that makes us want to lock in Jett, only to go 0-10-0.

Image Source: HLTV.org

Meta Implications Of The Tournament

Although Valorant is still in its infancy, certain agents were prevalent throughout the tournament and this tournament could lead to Valorant’s first real ‘meta’ forming.

Throughout the tournament, there was a continual emphasis placed on Cypher. This agent was picked up by both teams in the majority of the tournament’s games. Cypher’s kit provides unrivalled intel gathering through his use of his Signature ability ‘Spycam’, as well as his Ultimate ‘Neural Theft’.

In a coordinated environment Cypher’s ability to detect enemies without exposing himself allows both him and his team to punish any mispositioning made by the enemy. Cypher was frequently used throughout the tournament to solo handily lock down a spike-site through the use of his basic abilities ‘Trapwire’ and ‘Cyber Cage.’ This frees up the rest of Cypher’s team to gain positional advantages elsewhere on the map. However, Cypher’s kit is only truly unlocked in the hands of a skilled aimer as holding angles is pivotal to this agent’s playstyle, as evidenced by both Brax and fl0m. If you find yourself missing shots, you will quickly wish you were playing a different agent.

Also dominating the tournament was Sage; Valorant’s take on a more supportive style of agent. Sage’s utility comes from her basic abilities: ‘Barrier Orb’ and ‘Slow Orb.’ Both can be used in offensive and defensive situations making Sage an incredibly versatile pick.

Couple this with her signature ‘Healing Orb’ ability which allows her to heal key players means she is nearing in on must-pick status in organised games. Her Ultimate ‘Resurrection,’ is the cherry on top of an already stellar kit. Being able to resurrect your star carry in pivotal rounds is incredibly valuable. Both AZK and Mendo showed that she can also be used to hard carry games with her self-heal. The sheer options available to Sage make her a key pick moving forward.

Perhaps most surprisingly this tournament was the use, or lack thereof, of the controversial agent- Raze. Going into the tournament many felt she would be a must pick agent. However, she actually fell through the pick phase in a number of games throughout the tournament. Raze’s ability to carry games is obvious to anyone who has played in a non-premade normal game, but she appeared to drop off when played at a more higher and more coordinated level. That said, players such as TimTheTatman still seemed to lean towards Raze as a comfort pick, presumably due to the effectiveness of 'Showstopper,' her Ultimate ability. Will Raze fall off in priority once players start realising how to play around her kit? Time will tell.

There was a notable absence of both Sova and Viper this tournament with Sova being picked only once and Viper failing to grace our screens. Sova’s intel gathering capabilities simply seem outmatched compared to that offered by Cypher. This is likely because his basic abilities ‘Shock Bolt’ and ‘Owl Drone’ feel lacklustre in a coordinated environment.

Despite Viper’s ability to divide a spike-site into more manageable zones, she appears to struggle to fit into high-level compositions with good communication.

Finally, Brimstone’s utility made him a consistent presence throughout the tournament. As best emphasised by Skadoodle, Brimstone’s signature ability 'Sky Smoke' and his Ultimate ‘Orbital Strike’ grants him fantastic zone control with both offensive and defensive capabilities. Going forward, Brimstone looks to be a staple pick for most compositions.

Final Thoughts On The Tournament

The 100 Thieves Invitational was an overwhelming success. Attracting popular names from far and wide, this tournament showed the immense potential of Valorant as an esport. The Invitational made for an enjoyable watching experience that gave fans of Valorant a valuable insight into how the competitive scene may look in the future.

Congratulations once again to Team Shroud for winning the 100 Thieves Invitational.

Thank you to the players for attending, Goldenboy and Rivingtonthe3rd for casting and 100 Thieves for putting together a fantastic debut tournament.

Finally, thank you for reading my first full-length feature,


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